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Vermont Performance Lab (VPL) is a performance incubator located in rural southeastern Vermont. VPL was created in 2006 with a mission to support the development of new performance works and to connect creation and presentation of contemporary performance with residents of the communities we serve.

VPL’s innovative Lab Program provides resource in the performing arts field for regional and national artists to focus on the creative process in relation to community; opportunities for collaborative research with scholars, students, local experts and community members; access to state-of-the-art dance and recording studios, community spaces and non-traditional performance sites; and support and facilities for choreographer-composer collaboration.

Since inception, the Lab Program has supported six to ten artist/projects through artist residencies that support various stages of the creative arc from research and development to fully realized productions. We embrace diversity, innovation and experimentation and seek artists whose practice aligns with our values and approach.

Four core principles define our Lab Program approach:

  • Artist as Collaborator: VPL and artists co-envision residency projects to develop in Vermont.
  • Reciprocal Exchange:The artist-community exchange framework supports artists in expanding the dimensions of their practice and engages audiences in unique and vital ways during creative processes.
  • Art in the Civic Realm: By interrogating community issues and needs in the process of designing residencies, VPL brings artists into the civic discourse, bridges divides that have traditionally separated audiences and performers, and transcends aesthetic, social and physical boundaries that conventionally circumscribe the arts.
  • Partnership: The participation of local arts, education, social service and social organizations extends VPL's production capabilities, audience reach and artistic impact.

Vermont Performance Lab has announced it will wind down in summer 2019. Read more here.