Action-conversations"With Ann Kaneko's unobtrusive camera resting in the sweet detail of Victoria Marks' "Action Conversations," this film documents the encounter of two generations of small town American women at the ravaged dawn of the 21st century. Enacting each other's gestures and metaphors, and constructing a vulnerable home of plastic doll house pieces, they struggle to meet the challenge of authenticity. It's not pretty; it's better than that. It's real." - Debra Cash


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In the summer of 2012 choreographer Victoria Marks and filmmaker Ann Kaneko undertook a six-week residency with Vermont Performance Lab. The project was initiated in response to a perceived gap between teens and adults in the small community of Bellows Falls, Vermont. Working with Youth Services of Windham County and the Rockingham Arts and Museum Project, VPL brought five teen and five adult women together to move into an “action conversation” led by Victoria Marks. This docu-dance film captures the reflections, relationships and dances of these women.


A film by Victoria Marks and Ann Kaneko

Featuring Amber Foster, Margaret Grisczenkow, Alexis Harris, Helen Hildreth, Melissa Laverack, Kathleen Michel, Rachael Shaw, Laura Simoneau, Jenna Smith, Kaitlyn Tullar


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Produced by Vermont Performance Lab in association with Youth Services of Windham County, Rockingham Arts & Museum Project, The Town of Rockingham

Made possible with funding from the Copper Beech Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, Vermont Arts Council, Oswald Family Foundation and VPL’s Creation Fund Donors.

Previously screened at 2014 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (Vancouver, WA) + 2015 Green Mountain Film Festival (Montpelier, VT).

16mins ©2014 Vermont Performance Lab, Victoria Marks, Ann Kaneko