Reggie Wilson / Fist n’ Heel Performance Group

Reggie Wilson / Fist n’ Heel Performance Group


A personal account: Rhetta Aleong performer with Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel Performance Group

Vermont Performance Lab March 10-17, 2013

My disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of Rhetta and not necessarily those of Fist and Heel. Names have not been changed to protect those involved.  

[Continue] Brooklyn to Guilford, VT. Estimated driving time 3.5 hours give or take or give and get; Clear, safe transit out of Gotham’s limits. Going north; sign of things to come.

In Reggie’s timeline of (project) Moseses Project, the vocal residency (Reggie Wilson, Lawrence Harding, Rhetta Aleong) was strategically placed as he constructs and focuses this evening-length work which World premiers in September at Philly Live Arts and has a New York premiere in December on the BAM Next Wave Festival 2013.

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