2016 SEED Artist: Michael Bodel

Michael Bodel photo by Carl SkutschMichael Bodel is a choreographer, performer and dance writer whose current interests include, alphabetically: archiving, Bread and Puppet Theater, dance film, embodied cognition, pageantry, phenomenology, religion, scent, and speaking while moving. Based in the hills of southern Vermont, he collaborates with an array of dance artists, designers, and community members on diverse movement projects. His work has been shown at HERE, The American Dance Festival, 3-Legged Dog, Cave Art Space, One Arm Red, Galapagos, Next Stage Arts, The Philly Fringe Festival, and the PuppetLab at St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Bodel’s current projects include there are caves and attics and a contemporary pageant integrating dance, large-scale puppetry, and sound at a one-hundred-year-old family apple orchard in Putney, VT. there are caves and attics is a multi-disciplinary dance rooted in a 1966 radio essay by Michel Foucault that blends movement, scent, and lip-synching. Solo iterations of there are caves and attics have been presented in New York City at HERE and Cave, and in Vermont at Next Stage Arts and the Governor’s Institute on the Arts.

In the summer of 2016, Bodel continued to develop there are caves and attics through residencies at VPL and Studio 303 in Montréal as part of a residency exchange between New England and Québec. While in residence, he experimented with scents and perfumes to create an original olfactory score and develop new movement with his two dance collaborators: Miguel Angel Guzman, and Kristin Swiat.

Since 2006, VPL has hosted over 80 residencies