2016 SEED Artists: WIVES

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WIVES is a feminist performance collective based in Montreal and Toronto. Julia Thomas, Emma-Kate Guimond and Aisha Sasha John are versed in various dance textures, each bringing her individual practice to the collaboration: carpentry, video art, sculpture, and poetry. WIVES developed ACTION MOVIE in residency at VPL and Studio 303 in Montréal in 2016 as part of a dance residency exchange between New England and Québec. ACTION MOVIE will debut in 2017 at La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines, Montreal. Other WIVES works include the experimental sport Feeled (OFFTA 2016, Montreal and Hatch 2015, Toronto) and Sea Foam Blue (SummerWorks 2014, Toronto). WIVES also curate the semi-annual interdisciplinary performance series ASSEMBLÉE (formerly ººENGAGEMENT PARTYºº) which opened in April 2016 at Studio 303.

In ACTION MOVIE, WIVES examine the mass appeal of action movies from a feminist perspective. Through performance, sculpture and video, the collective WIVES body metabolizes the violences of the action movie into pure sensation. The WIVES residency at VPL was in partnership with Marlboro College, where undergraduate students engaged with the artists through movement workshops and facilitated discussion about women and performance. Students and the general public had the opportunity to see a work-in-progress of ACTION MOVIE in October 2016 at Marlboro College.

Since 2006, VPL has hosted over 80 residencies