2017 Lab Artists Ellen Furey + Malik Nashad Sharpe

Ellen Furey and Malik 4Web photo by Julia Bauer and by Corey MeltonAs part of a dance residency exchange between VPL and Studio 303 in Montréal, VPL is pleased to be working with Montréal-based performer and choreographer Ellen Furey and her NY/London-based collaborator Malik Nashad Sharpe, to support the development of their new duet, NO NATIONALISM. 

 The research for NO NATIONALISM comes out of the artists’ desire to aestheticize plurality-in-practice by fiercely rebuking insurgent nationalism. It is an attempt to detail both the affect and the effects of neoliberalism, as well as to address the artists’ longing for multiculturalist futures. NO NATIONALISM hopes to embed serious forms of rebuke and critique in the choreography by striking a balance between choreographic contradiction and contrast, with both profane and abstracted references to the political to the world to the predominant hegemony. 

 VPL audiences will have the opportunity to see the beginnings of this new duet as part of VPL’s Open Lab in July 2017. NO NATIONALISM will be presented at Theatre La Chapelle in Montreal and at Hackney Showroom in London, UK in Spring 2018.

 Ellen Furey was a company member at Dancemakers (TO) from 2012-2015 and has performed with a range of different artists including Daniel Léveillé Danse, Dana Michel, Montréal Danse, Marten Spangberg, Fréd Gravel, Nicholas Cantin, Benjamin Kamino, Amanda Acorn, Simon Portigal, Susanna Hood, Adam Kinner, Alicia Grant, Anouk Thériault, Winnie Ho, and Wants and Needs (Sasha Kleinplatz and Andrew Tay). Ellen co-runs Dance Danse Révolution; a new, tiny, event space for experimental dance practice and discourse in Montreal. 

 Malik Nashad Sharpe is an Associate Artist at Hackney Showroom (London), and a 2017 FIERCE Fwd Artist (Birmingham), where he is creating a new  work titled “$elfie$” under his solo alias, Marikiscrycrycry.  He is currently working with Project O (Jamila Johnson-Small) and Dalston Ballet (House O’Dwyer). Malik runs, and works in a small studio, ian’s RESEARCH BODEGA, in North London.

Since 2006, VPL has hosted over 80 residencies